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Poor WiFi Signal?

The family complaining?Your staff going crazy?


A wireless extender is a device that extends the Wi-Fi coverage space by amplifying the original signal from the wireless access point. These extenders have emerged as great solutions ensuring    more people get reliable access to the internet using the wireless network. 

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Why Wireless Range Extenders are so effective?

What causes bad Wifi signal?


- The quality of your Wi-Fi signals are affected by distance / construction / other wi-fi networks /

  interference from other non wi-fi networks like cordless phones & alarms that operates in the 2.4-      Gigahertz band.

- Wireless signals have limited coverages and tend to be attenuated by barriers and other sources 

  of noise within the air.    


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Range Extender brands we sell


- Tenda 

- Ubiquiti UniFi

- MikroTik